General Purpose library for Freestanding C++ and POSIX systems
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General Purpose library for Freestanding C++ environment and POSIX systems.

Expects C++17



Also named "slices" in other languages, they are a combination of a pointer and a size.


A fixed size, inplace array.


A resizable, fragmentation resistant array, it associates elements with fixed indices. It will reuse deleted indices.


A Maybe monad, will not allocate for final classes or primitives.

variant and fixed_variant








Internal file-system

GP Configuration

enum class gp_errorcodes

This enum should not contain any non-zero value.

  • infinite_skipstone: used when a linear probing reaches infinity lookup

Generic elements

  • constexpr bool gp_config::has_exceptions: enables or disables exceptions throwing
  • constexpr bool gp_config::has_buffer_bounds: enables or disables bound checking
  • constexpr size_t gp_config::arc4random_strength: determines the amount of shuffling of the arc4random PRNG
  • constexpr /* T */ gp_config::assertion: T is a callable type taking a boolean predicate and a const char*
  • typedef /* T */ file_descriptor_t: T is an integer type. No negative value should be expected

Rendering and mathematics

  • using gp_config::rendering::default_type: provide a numeric type for rendering and for the mathematical framework
  • constexpr default_type gp_config::rendering::epsilon: a small value of the default type (example for float: 0.001f)
  • #define GP_CONFIG__RENDERING__COLOR_T: a configuration define for storing a color for rendering purposes


  • using gp_config::memory_module::default_allocator: a default constructible allocator type
  • constexpr bool gp_config::memory_module::is_ok: true if the default allocator is able to allocate, false if not